Prairie Path Wooden Key Rings | Large



We are so excited to get in on the launch of Prairie Path's new spring colors. Be the first to carry these amazing fresh, bright designs. Just what we all need right now! You pick the feature bead color (they will be the design of the key rings in the first image).

The Prairie Path Key ring is designed to keep your keys right where you need them! Never search for your keys in your bag ever again, simply roll over your wrist! The key ring allows you to be hands free, for carrying objects or more importantly holding on to that little ones hand. 

It keeps everything important within reach. Quite honestly a game changer, I can’t live without mine! 

Beads are made of food grade silicone, and will not break if dropped. Bracelet is elasticized for easy wear. One size fits most. 

Although it’s made of the same material as the Prairie Path Pacifier Clips it is not a teething product. This one is just for you momma!