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Mya Wishing Bracelet "This is All Part of the Plan" - Pink w/ Moon


  • Kitsch at Simons
  • Make a wish. Close your eyes. Take the time to visualize. Wear me through. By that time, may it come true.
  • 14-carat gold-plated charm
  • Cotton cords
  • Adjustable with a sliding knot


  • "this is all part of the plan" wishing bracelet with moon pendant.
  • Delicate and ephemeral, Kitsch’s Wishing Bracelets serve as everyday reminders of our goals. When the bracelet naturally wears away, your wishes are said to come true.
  • Bracelet measures 12.5" in length.


    All KITSCH accessories are PLATED. The below are a few recommendations in extending the longevity of your jewelry items. REMEMBER, anything plated will eventually turn with time and wear. The more frequent you wear the jewelry the quicker the plating will fade. AVOID MOISTURE. This one is tough but avoid swimming, sweating, lotions, sprays and high humidity. Certain people perspire more than others when doing daily tasks or working out. Perspiration fades plating especially when the damp skin rubs against metal. This is our most common cause of wear with our customers. If you do find you spent some time in your jewelry where it was exposed to moisture immediately take a very damp cloth and gently wipe clean. REMOVE AT NIGHT. Sleeping with plated jewelry isn't advised as night sweat and extra rubbing against the skin are two of the main reasons why plating fades. STORE GOLD WITH GOLD AND SILVER WITH SILVER. The different metals will create a chemical reaction that causes each other to tarnish, fade and/or turn colors when stored together. Two separate air-tight containers would be a good option for storage. Air tight to avoid exposure to humidity specially if you keep your jewelry in the restroom which is not ideal as it thins plating. DO NOT CLEAN WITH CHEMICALS. Chemicals will break down the plating and do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Fine jewelry can handle the chemicals, but plating is very delicate and should only be wiped with a clean dry cloth.

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