Valerie Jimmy Mac Eyewear | Ivory Crystalline


Package Option:

$129.00 Non-Prescription Blue Light Package:

All non-prescription Blue Light packages include a frame, non-prescription blue light blocking lenses, a case & cleaning cloth. All lenses come standard with an Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Smudge protection as well.

UV and blue-violet light are present everywhere: outdoors due to the sun and indoors due to artificial light and electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. As most people are at risk of overexposure to harmful light in their day-to-day activities. Blue Light glasses help to minimize eyestrain & fatigue.

*non-prescription only, fees will apply through JME to change out lenses into prescription, see prescription package for prescription eyewear orders.

Starting at $159.00 Prescription Package:

Have a prescription but still want to place an order? No problem! JME frames are available to be purchased to have your prescription put into.

Step 1. Place an order for the frame of our choice.

Step 2. JME will contact you to confirm your order, obtain your prescription & any additional information that may be required*.

Step 3. JME will contact you in 7-14 business days once your order is complete to schedule an appointment to pick up your eyewear.

*Please note additional fees may apply depending on the strength of prescription. All additional fees must be paid before receiving your order. If prescription lenses are put in by another optical dispensary all warranty becomes void.

Contact Information:

Social Media (Insta, FB, TikTok): @jimmymaceyewear

Phone: 306-586-0300 (Regina location)

Email: (available to the public of inquiry’s)