Worth It Necklace

By Oneiro

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We often need reminders that we are worth it - whether it’s that promotion at work, the latte we treat ourselves to on the weekend, or the surprise flowers at our doorstep on a random Tuesday - our minds so often go straight to the thought of “do I deserve this?”. The answer is YES. You are worth it. Keep that message close to your heart so you always remember it, with the Worth It Necklace.


  • Chain measures 24” in length.

  • Comes with a 2” extension chain.

  • Heart measures 15mm wide and long. “WORTH IT.” engraved on the front and “ONEIRO” engraved on the back.


  • 16k gold plated, brass based.

  • Nickel and lead free

Our jewelry is gold plated not solid gold, so special care must be taken to prolong the life of the plating. Please review the jewelry care instructions below before wearing your new jewels. Oneiro will not be responsible for any normal wear and tear on plated items. In some rare cases, the ph of your skin may react with the plating and accelerate wear of gold plating

To ensure that our customers get the best experience with their products, we have provided some tips to help keep your jewelry in the best condition.

  • Store your jewelry separately to avoid rubbing and scratching. Best way to store is in individual plastic baggies. (If you would like us to include one with your purchase, please let us know.)

  • Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store jewellery next to heating vents, windowsills or in bathrooms. Humidity and hot conditions can cause jewelry to tarnish.

  • Skin and hair products can react with metals, causing brass to tarnish and erode gold plating. Perfumes, lotions and creams can tarnish and corrode jewelry. Apply any scents or cosmetics before you put on your jewelry, and ensure your skin is dry before wearing.

  • Remove jewelry before exercising, cleaning, gardening or any other physical work.

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry overnight.

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry in the water, including showers, pools, ocean etc.

If your favourite piece of jewelry starts to tarnish, try washing with warm soapy water and drying completely with a soft cloth. A polish cloth can be used on brass products but please keep in mind it can take the gold off of gold plated items.

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