3" Art Sticker | Jesus Loves


Spread the love with this inclusive sticker of Jesus's true definition of love! This sticker celebrates the message that Jesus loves everyone, even those you may not like. Show your support for every individual with this simple but meaningful statement.


There are many ways to create a sticker. We use the highest quality materials to create stickers that can withstand anything mother nature or man can throw at them - including heat, cold, wind, snow, rain, sun or the dishwasher, ski slopes, monster waves, or gnarly single track.


Made by us from premium 100% made in the USA vinyl and laminates.


Made by artists for artists. We believe art matters. It not only is a form of self-expression but has the ability to start conversation and create positive changes.


17% of gross sales goes to support our artists. 10% of our net sales goes to prevent hunger, support education, and promote equality.

Our Art Stickers make a great add-on for any gift. They make the prefect card!